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Blow Your Own Damn Mind!

I’m thinking about goals this morning. Doing one of my own client worksheets (it's very pretty, of course).

I'm answering my own question “Why do you want to achieve this goal?”

I need this question right now as things are new and hard as hell. I’m standing at the bottom of the preverbal "mountain" thinking sometimes "OMG. I am so bad at this... so uncomfortable... I'm so not going to make any money.... that is not going to work... this is going to fall apart. Just let me eat pie for the love.”

You know, so the why question is good for me right now. Because I alone without something bigger would literally just eat and be an asshole to live with (oh wait that might be me now?)

So my answer that rolls off my pen tip isn’t because I want a bunch of money or trips or attention or pies. It’s this:

“I have an ASS LOAD of value to offer the world.

I KNOW that my clients are out there with brilliant ideas, amazing skills and talents. But...

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