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"Should" thinking

I have been feeling like shit about being so distracted from my coaching business over the last few weeks.
We moved a few weeks ago and at first that was the circumstance I thought was keeping me from working on the business. Throw in some days of feeling icky and one week turns to two. Then design business took a boost, and remains boosted. Which is great!
But because I think these things have distracted me from coaching business, I not only use it against myself to not work on the business, but also I blame these blessings for my results in the coaching business. Using these things as an excuse against myself makes them way less fun to enjoy. And thinking I should be further along with my coaching business than I am today, has left me feeling defeated and guilty.
Anyone else have a soap opera in their heads?!
So enter the epiphany! “Should” is the core problem here. It’s not our fab new home, not some downtime...
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