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Overwhelm Indulge

For a long time I operated with a low grade sense of overwhelm. Like a slithering snake it would loop in and out of my days, inducing mental chaos and paralysis when present, but clarity and flow when it left.

Feelings drive our action. When we avoid, repress or react from our negative emotions, they don't actually "go away"... they just step aside to grow and fester.  When in reality if we just experienced the discomfort of the emotion when it came, we'd find it isn't that bad and it doesn't actually last that long.

Overwhelm is a great example of one of these negative emotions that is NOT helpful to process or allow.  It's what we call an "indulgent emotion". Like worry and confusion, overwhelm can seem necessary, but we call it indulgent because it's just a way of staying stuck. 

These feelings seem important and justified, but they keep you from taking the actions that you most want to take.

They are often the "dream excuses"...

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