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You're a creative pro, not a screwdriver

You've invested so much time and effort honing your creative skills, then comes along a client who either thinks they don't need any of that and just want you to execute their {ahem} ugly vision, or they are micromanaging the process.
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Which matters more: how valuable you feel or what they think of it?

The value you place on your work is going to be incredibly impactful to how you show up to sell it, do it and exchange value for it.
The value your clients place on your work? It matters, and it’s something you can influence, but...
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Work Mojo

We each bring a little special something to our work.

A special mix of mojo.

There is no one on the planet who has your mix of personality, talent, and experience.

You are an expert.

Years of being a problem solving ninja in service to your...

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