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Self Confidence to be BAD.

So I did this thing yesterday...

I gave a talk on Self Confidence to a luncheon full of professional (and completely sober) women. I got excited about this subject while going though my coaching studies a couple of months ago. I got so pumped up about sharing it that I made an offer to Holly Fish to let me speak to WIN (Women In Networking) Pulaski… but the offer wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill talk. I knew it had to be more than just a "5 things to remember when you do hard stuff” kind of talk. I knew I had to actually get up there and DO some hard stuff!

So, channeling my inner Brené Brown, I closed the talk out singing Journey’s "Don't Stop Belivin'" ... complete with air guitar, shaky vocals and nauseated belly. In the preparation and anxiety filled anticipation of this 100% self imposed torture, the most amazing thing happened: I 100% had my own back.

I trusted I would be a soft place to land on the other side of doing said poop-in-pants inducing...

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Come out of the cave!

lizard brain Sep 04, 2019

Our primitive brains have evolved to find the negative... to protect us from potential dangers in “the wild”…

If I listened to my brain today, I wouldn’t be posting this.

If I believed everything my “lizard brain” told me I’d believe you all would laugh, doubt, sneer, and mock me today. Because in April of this year I decided to seek out life and weight coach certification through The Life Coach School. Today, I am technically a few weeks away from my “official certification day”. But I’m mentally there now and so ready to rock.

I’m jumping into a world of empowerment. Empowering anyone struggling with their own inner lizard… their weight, relationships, self-worth, creative power, following
(or figuring out!) their desires, or any other hard piece of life telling you to “Stay safe in the cave.”

Since April mine says: “what makes you think that YOU, of all the jacked up people, have life...

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