Go where you are celebrated

I started Long Story Short by Margot Leitman. this quote struck something in me.
Who wants to be “tolerated”? Gaw… me either. And don’t want to see anyone simply tolerating the place they are in. Doesn’t that just scream inner battle and misalignment?!
First thing that came to my mind for my life hearing this: #NICHEDRAMA.
When I started coaching I THOUGHT I NEEDED TO KNOW HOW EVERYTHING WOULD TURN OUT….Then I realized I had been thinking that way in all kinds of life's places.
I thought I had to KNOW WHERE I WAS GOING AND WHAT TO PACK (nod to you @laurakirkmarketing 🥰). (and that surely everyone else knew where they were headed, I was the only mess).
Here's the thing: we CAN’T KNOW!! That desire for certainty and push to “create results” fuels drama, anxiety, fear & burnout. It blocks you from easing into using your gifts and trusting the universe has yoru back and it does a great job of keeping us from #havingourownback.
It is a #lifesucker
This was more than just a thought I needed to “whip into shape”…. under this realization was a practice begging to be played out in my life. Asking for me to look closer no matter how much my brain said "get back to "real work""!
And Do you know where and how I was able to gain this insight about "my business"?

Through my #hobbies. Yeah. I'll be damn...
Turns out #PLAYING, MAKING THINGS… #DECORATING MY HOUSE was the avenue I needed to show me the realities.
Who knew doing what some might think of as “wasting time” would end up being the gold at the end of the 🌈.
Over and over bouts of fun projects have pulled me off of chairs and into action with love and excitement.. reminding me
🤪 that life is too important to take so seriously
⚡️ They remind me I’m supported by the greatest creator/creation: nature. It. Ours. My own. The seen and unseen.
☘️ I can let go of trying to control.so. hard. Because “my nature” has my back
🔥 They have taught me that the outcomes are not THE POINT. THE MOMENT IS.
🌈 that life is not nearly as rich when I think THINGS HAVE TURN OUT A CERTAIN WAY
The same lightness and playful mindset the fun projects get from me is exactly how I’ve been "rebuilding" my professional life.
I will not look back one day and feel that i WASTED time CHASING EFFICIENCY LIES: Living at a forceful, hurried pace which only affords “saving time” so to do more shit I don’t want to with that same hurried/ scarcity energy. #timemanagementformortals
That energy is BS from my brain and from society.
So maybe the quote really says: don’t tolerate (i.e. push, force, or grind) yourself into a round hole if you are actually a square peg. Find a square hole or make one.For heaven sakes, you're not only blocking the round hole, but causing yourself a lot of unnecessary drama, anxiety and headed down a road of burnout.
Don’t tolerate being tolerable: not in your niche, business, home or life. Listen to your light. Don’t #waittolive.
BONUS! this is great advice for decorating your home! Remember: YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW IT WILL TURN OUT.
ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE, WHAT YOU’RE DOING, WHAT YOU SEE… let your stories unfold on the walls of your life…no matter what your brain says you should “tolerate” or what "rules" it lobs at you. Trust that your nature knows better.

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