You don't have to know how it will turn out...

So, I started a project this weekend....
Elevendyseven hours later. It's. Still. Not. Done.

I have literally been thinking about this project for YEARS. No kidding. I have. It's morphed from being a silk scarf curtain to some interesting mix of mamaw's flower sacks, some old hand towels, shirts, fabric scraps and whatever else I figured thread might catch on-curtain. Great grandmothers everywhere would agree it's an awful display of craftsmanship and maybe even basic textile intelligence, but s'okay. I'm all in.

I'm learning so much about sewing - including how vitally important it is to plan for these things so you don't have a similarly outlandish shit show. But I am so excited to see it unfold. I'm so connected to how uncomfortable this is too, the parts where I make it up as I go (so the whole thing) are reminding me of
this really important truth...

Are you listening? This is big. If you didn't know this, here's the truth: WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT BEFORE WE BEGIN. Yup. It's true.
I'd like to say I live by this, but am often hitting myself over head remembering it in hindsight of being majorly stuck to act on something I actually really want to act on.

Whether it's hanging a picture on the wall, starting an art project, or just tonight's dinner (assuming you don't have art shit all over your kitchen! ) it's applicable. Pinky promise.

Also, in other news, I've found that my art project riffraff is a great test of true love. Sweet husband passes with all the colors of patience. ❤️❤️

What kind of projects do you have going? Or what are you not permitting yourself to start because you aren't sure how it will end?


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