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What if you were either winning or learning?

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I want to throw in the towel.
Go get a job somewhere where my roles and expectations are clear and a paycheck is steady.
I knew this wouldn't be easy, but I never knew how hard it would get.
I sometime think I'd like someone else to solve my problems. Someone or perhaps some circumstance to do it: a windfall of money, time, clients for booked-solid businesses.
I know, however that none of that would "solve" anything. There's no learning, no growth, no value there.
My brain is my most valuable asset I have. It can solve problems when I pull my sh*t together and ask it to its thing.
Helplessness, confusion, overwhelm.... those are emotions that lead me away from the highest me. They lead me towards ruts, giving up, expecting things outside of me to give me answers or make it "better"... being helpless instead of capable and imaginative. Leading me away from the capabilities of my own powerful mind, away from serving the way I love to serve, away from that commitment and belief.
When you're turning your passions into a contribution to the world, sh*t ain't easy, my friends.
It's easy to feel like a loser.
A fraud.
A wimp.
A fool.
Sure, confidence may seem futile with helplessness hanging around so loud, whiny and obnoxious like it is. Nonetheless, I'll be a woman who makes decisions that side with confidence and love over defeat, helplessness, and fear.
Call me crazy. That's fine. Clearing your own road is not for everyone.
I know I'm the author of my own book. The dips, ruts and roadblocks make my story even better. Make victory and success even sweeter.
And having my own back even more beautiful.
You don't need a manual, a new course, a winning ticket... YOU are the winning ticket.
Only you know what it is you need and "how" to do you best.
We are either winning or we're learning. There is no "losing."
I'm in the business of helping and empowering people who feel they are being ravaged by helplessness and defeat to make that powerful pivot towards confidence and possibility.
This is me reaching out my hand... I just want to serve you. Take an hour coaching on me. stick it to helplessness too. DM me or schedule it here.

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