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Making the "right" decision

Hindsight seems to have all the answers, doesn't it? What we should have done or shouldn't... what was "right" or "wrong".
I catch myself thinking I need to know the right answers so that I make the "right:" decisions. But we don't have the gift of hindsight until we have had the experience.
Having to make the "right" choice is impossible.
You're always doing the best you can with what you have in any given moment.
All the decisions you make in your life are literally creating your life. There is nothing wrong with the ones you've made up until now.
You've not made "wrong" decisions, those decisions offered obstacles, but you got to learn from them. You can't know everything and you can't get it "perfect". I'd argue that the way it's gone for you has been perfect.
Take the pressure off of yourself to make the "right decision," and instead of revealing in confusion, doubt and overwhelm, decided to make decisions from love, and not from fear.
I think that looks like making choices that come from hope, trust, love, confidence, abundance and possibility. Not from doubt, fear, probably, worry and scarcity.
You can literally ask yourself "what would love do?"
you're a human, living a human life. You are not suppose to do this life with all the answers. We need to lighten up. And toughen up. Both said with love
Whatever decision you make is the right decision, simply because it's the one you made and committed to. Even if it leads to a less than desirable outcome, that's ok, it's the one you were meant to make.
Sure, hindsight can teach us a lot about what we did wrong or what we were doing right. It's great for reminiscing, learning from, but it doesn't actually show us the heights of what we're capable of.
That is to come.
You're capable of getting through challenges... they are actually there to help you. Have the confidence to make the choice, and stand by it and have your own back in carrying it out.
Self confidence and love are often one in the same.
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