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Success & the three letter G-word

belief success Aug 25, 2020

This memory came up on my personal FB page today... It reminded me of such an exciting and scary time... not at all unlike the one I'm in now.

August 25, 2015: It would have been one week before I (officially) went on my own full time.

I had been laid off this month and 3 days later would be my last day.

It's the coolest thing to look back and think about how I just plowed right into freelance design, not giving another option even a hint of a thought.

And it wasn't "easy"... but it was perfect. 

Now, I don't care what you call your creator... "Lord", "God", "Universe", "Creator", "the big guy" (or gal) "source energy"... that doesn't matter here. What really matters is believing there is some energy bigger, infinitely more powerful than us, who connects us all and operates all the things in the world with a better-than-a-unicorn kind of energy (and yes... I'm totally riffing with echos of a favorite section of a Sincero book - her voice is seared in deep :).   

The more we connect with that energy, the more powerful, abundant, healthy and badass-y we are. 

The universe is always conspiring for our success. 

Stars aligned for me that Summer 2015. But I also aligned myself with "the stars". That was the most important thing I could do. 

I love this memory for myself right now, because I'm doing the same thing now as I work to build a coaching business.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." 

I'm committing to "the big kahuna" exactly what it is I set out to do and I know He will conspire to make all the blessings (challenges and gifts equal) align to support my success.

"Blessings" doesn't ride on a unicorn horns and rainbows... It's not all that pretty. 

Blessings are actually a stack of failures.

Screw ups.

"Meh" work. On top of less "meh" work...

Learn. [That is to say "get the lesson or repeat the class until you do".]

Throw in a few wins.



This is how the uncomfortable process of stepping outside of your comfort zone goes. 

This is exactly how I see myself building abundant, joy-based, cup-runneth-over, light-shining success because the world needs me to get this right. 

I have important things to say.

I have people who need myyy help... my experience, my brand of love, honesty, coaching, teaching....  twangy, sweet and a little foul-mouthed and all. 

"Success" means I'll look like a goober, and feel like I would like to vomit more often than not. 

So, I'll ask you... 

Do you know someone who could use my help?

I have important work to do. I want to help my creative homies live their best lives. 

Who can you share this with today?

I help creative pros who feel stuck gain momentum and confidence to create a life they love. That's important work. If I can help you or someone you know get unstuck schedule a 45 minute discovery session HERE.



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