Potty Closet Rebel: Get sassy with your problem

I broke  a "rule" to help out the plant babies and add even more fun the guest potty closet.😉

I've been contemplating how to get some inside plants in here to bask in the fab light of this space... mostly trying to figure out how to hang pots from the ceiling without being in the way of cabinet doors (not pictured) and the main door... then it hit me:TAKE THE CABINET DOORS OFF AND DECORATE THE SHELVES!

I got stuck on using the ceiling or maybe the window seal as the only way to solve this "dilemma" (ok, let's be real, I really only thought about it when using the space😆). This whole thing just reminded me that it's hard to shift mental gears when you get stuck on one possible solution or "no" the crap out of any possibilities that come up

One of my most favorite ways to change up the house is just to break some "rules." "Rules" in this case are really just cultural norms. Sometimes it's the culture of your marriage, your company and sometimes it's your region.

When looking for a quick change up or fix I literally walk around the house with a "hehehe, let's be a little gutsy" attitude. Breaking out of a norm (even your own) is so FUUUN!

Are you working on or mulling over a problem or puzzle? Doesn't matter if it's cancer research or your junk drawer.


Give this a try! Put on the best rebellious, sass you got. Then don't allow any "can't do that"/"that won't work/be efficient/acceptable/ etc and ask yourself. Give the logical and normal limits a break and ask self:
😈 What would be fun?
✊🏼 Bold?
🤠 Go against the grain?
💃🏻 What fits criteria and is already on hand/in the works/etc i could experiment with?
🖕🏼 What obstacles can you remove for your clients/self/people so that this problem is resolved?
👊🏻 What envelopes can you push & barriers can you remove?
🦾What would everyone say no to?
Brain is gonna bitch and tell you no and give all the reasons why... NOPE. Just don't latch on to those things - keep going with your rebellious train of thoughts. Keep playing. Give yourself some time with this mindset and have fun with it.
Come up with possibilities galore and maybe even find one lights you up and WORKS!

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