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Is life coaching like having a friend you PAY FOR?

life coaching Oct 28, 2020

I recently heard a comparison of having a life coach being like paying for a "professional friend". Your coach certainly can become your friend, the value you would expect them to bring to the table... we'll this comparison got me thinking... It's possible life coaching is the same thing as paying for a friend, but your friend would have to meet some pretty steep standards...

❤️ Your friend would have to have an established process for helping you get results, was informed about the nuances of the human mind, and was an expert in their area.

❤️ Your friend would need to understand your experience 100%, but not "buy into your reasons for letting it get the best of you.

❤️ She'd be willing to show up once a week to work with you on solutions to your issue, and could guarantee that you would get results from your sessions together.

❤️ She'd need to also provide a non-judgemental space with no distractions or interruptions to work with you.

❤️ Your friend's help would also be so effective that it could cut the time it would take you to achieve your goal to half.

❤️ This friend would tell you the truth. She would have this skill of taking your jumbled thoughts and showing back to you how your thinking is causing your experience.  She'd do so without holding back, but also in a guiding way covered in honesty, objectivity, and a love for you and your vision of the highest and best self you "befriended" her to see.

❤️ She would need the skill to see your blind spots objectively and help you shift them in a way that resonates so deeply, that it changes your thinking in a lasting way.  

❤️ This friend also needs a library of techniques to help you overcome anxiety, procrastination, self-doubt, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome.

❤️ She will need to know how to motivate you to do things that you thought were impossible, kept you accountable to massive action and continually showed you how you've been growing and improving and can continue to do so.

❤️ This friend would provide a 100% confidentiality, in addition to a safe, judgement-free zone. 

❤️ She would help you transform your emotions, marriage, money, career, relationships, and health, and spent his or her time that they were not with you searching for even better ways to help you get results.

"Yeah, if you had a friend like that who was willing to show up for you FOR FREE every week to do the deep work of helping you grow, then yes, hiring a life coach would be the same thing as paying money for a friend.

If you don’t have a friend like that, you might need a coach.” Sade Curry, life coach for divorced women.

I loved Sades' observation of the value of a coach so much, I borrowed and paraphrased it a bit for you. 


I'm 100% confident that I can help you overcome feeling stuck... in your career, life, relationships or health. I'm so confident, that I'm offering you a no strings attached, complimentary coaching session. Because if you're looking for a friend like this... I'm the girl who can introduce you (or reacquaint you) with the life changing world of coaching. 😉

I'm committed to your transformation, are you?

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