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Come out of the cave!

lizard brain Sep 04, 2019

Our primitive brains have evolved to find the negative... to protect us from potential dangers in “the wild”…

If I listened to my brain today, I wouldn’t be posting this.

If I believed everything my “lizard brain” told me I’d believe you all would laugh, doubt, sneer, and mock me today. Because in April of this year I decided to seek out life and weight coach certification through The Life Coach School. Today, I am technically a few weeks away from my “official certification day”. But I’m mentally there now and so ready to rock.

I’m jumping into a world of empowerment. Empowering anyone struggling with their own inner lizard… their weight, relationships, self-worth, creative power, following
(or figuring out!) their desires, or any other hard piece of life telling you to “Stay safe in the cave.”

Since April mine says: “what makes you think that YOU, of all the jacked up people, have life all figured out?! That people will give you money to help them with theirs?! This is so dumb, Holly. It’s safer to play small - Someone might see you, doubt you… make fun of you….{insert dramatic “dun dun daaaaaa” sound} and make fun of you. {gasp}”

Yep. Totally gonna happen. I’m 100% okay with people being wrong about me. And about coaching. I’m all in.

I’ve argued with my lizard for years as a create-on-demand professional. Playing safe, undervaluing, dilly dallying around the richness of creating and the richness of life! So I do think that there might be something I could offer to these people and others that would help them in their lizard struggle.

So why the hell play safe, again!?

What if we all sought to max out joy?
What if we all sought to create from the abundance within us and live the richest and most full life possible?
I’m pretty sure we’re meant to live that way.
I don’t want the lizard as the dominant voice in my mind anymore.

How about you?


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