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You're a creative pro, not a screwdriver

You've invested so much time and effort honing your creative skills, then comes along a client who either thinks they don't need any of that and just want you to execute their {ahem} ugly vision, or they are micromanaging the process.
You feel under appreciated, a little exploited…Skills totally misunderstood.
And you feel like a hired screwdriver.
I’ve been there. But, it’s not the client that's exhausting you, rather your expectations of the client that is a drain. You can’t control them. You can’t make them trust you or see you any differently than they do
Historically, for me in scenarios where I felt like a screwdriver. I would procrastinate on, resent doing, and get all righteous and entitled about the job. Ironically, not bringing my A-game to the seemingly straightforward project. The areas of the job I was in control of would feel like they fell short. And exhausting, all because of my thinking.
By assuming others had devalued me and my work, I then showed up acting as though I devalued it too - withholding it. Only bringing my basic level of creative value to work on it and missing opportunities for adding in creative umph. When we are too busy feeling “robbed” of creative freedom, we miss seeing where we actually do have it.
You don’t need the clients to change their requests so that you can stop feeling like a screwdriver. You need to stop thinking about your role as one of a screwdriver.
As long as you think they need to act differently from what they are, you are going to suffer. And risk undermining your level of professionalism.
There hasn’t been a single one of these jobs that hasn’t taught me a little more about leading the process, proving, honing my creative power even when it didn’t feel welcome to the party (it almost always is!)
Want more of a certain kind of job? Show up to work at the level you want to attract more of.
This is professionalism. And you are a pro my friend, not a screwdriver. Stop making yourself feel that way.
If you need help with this, I’ve got you. Schedule a consult call to see if my program is a good fit.

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