Which matters more: how valuable you feel or what they think of it?

The value you place on your work is going to be incredibly impactful to how you show up to sell it, do it and exchange value for it.
The value your clients place on your work? It matters, and it’s something you can influence, but what’s more important is what YOU think. How valuable YOU feel and how much value you offer.
In my experience when I don’t feel valuable, I don’t offer well.
The value you place on your craft has a bigger impact on how you show up to serve your clients. How you sell yourself. How you talk about the scope of work, money, expectations and really any other interaction with the client and/or the actual work you are doing. This impacts the quality of you as the artist or communicator.
I think a lot of us would say that we are very in touch with our value, buuuut… I think a lot of us would do it with a snarky, chip-on-the-shoulder, defensive tone. “I’m totally worth what I charge and I’m not afraid to ask for it.”
All may be true, but these thoughts have an underlying assumption that the people you serve or seek to serve don’t think you are worth it… or that you shouldn’t price the way you do. And we can’t know what all the people think, we can’t change what all the people thing.
But we can change how we think.
Do you feel valuable? Do you feel worthy and capable and like you are such a DEAL because of all the amazing skill, experience, and value you offer clients in exchange for their money? I mean really? Are you knocking it out of the park and making them want to pay you MORE!? What would that look like?
Enjoy the hell out the work you do. Enjoy serving them and crushing it, job after job. 

I’m all about over delivering and under charging. Blowing my clients minds.
The way you think about your work and your craft will always show up in your results. Money, time, clients…
If your results are lackluster in these areas, the good news is that it all starts with you and your thinking. I can help you shift your thinking and shift your results. Guaranteed.
Take advantage of a complimentary coaching session to see what this work is all about. It will blow your mind.

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