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When it's hard AF

Me leaving my office last night....

Me, wearing the same thing for the second day in a row. 

Blistered by spending an entire day on a project that once again, didn't get finished.

Three more things on my calendar to work on that evening.

No offers made... no projects shipped. No money collected.  Just a bunch of grind.


As I stood in the pantry trying to figure out something to fix for dinner, the words "F*ck adulting. I need dopamine" rolled out sending my husband into hearty laughter.  

All at once, right then, something lightened in me.

I lightened on me. It could have been the cocktail, or the prospect of his cheesy tortilla wraps ahead (literally cheddar + some jalapenos + tortilla), or the fact that "laughter is the best medicine".

But this morning, as I reflected on last night - the work I didn't end up doing, the quality time I sank searching Instagram for funny memes instead of working the design projects on my calendar... the laughs we did have.... the I think the lightness was wrapped up in me not just letting go, but in me connecting with my values. Or at the least letting them surface.

Lately, I've felt a little stifled. Not by anyone, except me, because my thoughts.  

But, luckly, I've been doing a little work on honing and redefining my core values. I've done this work, I've lead branding and coaching clients through it before, but sometimes these things fall into the "meh" file on the importance scale... when really they aren't of "meh" importance at all.

But just I let them fall out of my awareness. And so cultivating them hasn't been intentional. 

And what I've found is that when I'm out of alignment with living in my core values - connection, authenticity, creativity and humor - my results are lackluster. 

A little forced. 

I'm drained more frequently than I am full. 

Something's off. 

I realized that when we are acting no, living out of alignment with the values that naturally light us up, we find might ourselves stuck, struggling, or feeling like something is missing. 

I realize "laughter is the best medicine" and that I absolutely can be a witty mutha when I want to be, but this core values realization felt like something snapping into place for me. 

I'm working on a big goal for new clients this month.  And the "how-to" items that I need to make this goal happen... well, they aren't crystal clear. Since goals always push us out of our comfort zone, they are unfamiliar territory, things we sort of only understand by theory.  I am building habits that are in alignment with its success.

So we gotta try stuff and see what sticks.

My new theory as of this morning (promise I'm getting to it) is that I need to invite my core values in to dance with this goal of mine.

More connection, humor, authenticity, and creativity. 

This will help the goal achievement feel more natural and unique to me, rather than twister on ice picks... 

I'll be more grounded.

More me.

Make this contraption I'm building more sustainable and natural and, oop, here it is.... authentic

I invite you do to the same with the things you're building. And despite all appearances in the above referenced headshot... I'm in fact an amazing coach offering loads of amazing value and I'm totally equipped to help you get out of your own way (since you know I'm well versed in that myself). If you want some help defining your core values I would love to offer you a complimentary coaching session and we can talk about exactly that.

... Or the other 993 things that feel like they are missing, in the way or in chaos for you.


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