Use what you wear

This vintage handbag is my new favorite thing to land on the living room bookshelves. I needed a vibrant sassy little something to put in this particular opening. And voila. I remembered her! 👏🏼
Wearing it I feel as regal and classic as Grace Kelly. And as eye catching.
I like to imagine the women who put it on before me have felt as elegant.
I  picked it up for a few bucks from a Goodwill well over 15 years ago. I recall that I tried to talk myself out of getting it. Out of loving it as much as I did.
More than a few times I've tried to talk myself out of wearing it. Despite how princess-y I felt with her on my arm.
And wouldn't you know, for a sliver of a moment that same voice tried to talk me out of putting her in this living room shelf. 🙀
Luckily, a little "moo haha" voice inside me said "Oh. No.
We are not putting little Gracie back in the closet.
Or in the kitchen with the "pretty plates".
Or in my studio.
Or any other feminine, but much less prominent position in this house.
She's top shelf."
Okay, so maybe she's on the second from the top so we can see her better, but that's not the point!
The point is, she's more than a classic slab of sassy eye candy I'm game to see more of.
She now has new deeper meaning for me.
She reminds me of you.
You. The ladies out there depriving themselves of this, or any kind of personal elegance. Delight. Classic, regal, princess-y-ness.
Or whatever your current jam is.
Those of you who think they don't have "the right stuff." Or the Style. Or time. Or power.
Those who stuff their desires into the closet, kitchen or other "second class" position.
Those of you disappointed with the the way home looks, feels and functions.
I'm on a mission to make the world a more delightful place. Starting with your house. 🏡
I'm scheduling consult calls if any of this sounds like something you need help with. Grab a spot here

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