How does your attitude smell?

Emotions are not soft. They aren’t touchy feely… they’re actually everything. 


They are the reason you do anything.

Wanna make a million dollars? Experience financial freedom? Have a blissful marriage? Lose 20 pounds? Vacation an exotic place?




Eventually you’ll say “because I want to be happy…. I want to feel peaceful, secure, loving, elated, sexy, adventurous…” whatever the emotion. There will be an emotion.

Feelings are just physical sensations caused by a thought. And they matter, in part, because drive our actions. They are the reason we do or want anything. 

Because of the way our brains are wired, most of us don’t really know how we feel in any given moment, let alone understand that how we feel is  tied up in our thinking.
 We tend to think something in the outside world causes emotions in us. But that's physically impossible. It's also a concept that deems us victims of the world instead of powerful badasses.

We have thinking, feeling, and behavioral habits that fly under the radar of our conscious. They can push us forward or halt everything and keep us frozen. But feelings always happen because of how we are thinking.

We don’t quite understand emotions impact how we show up. Especially negative emotions. We think we can hide it. We think we can push through or disguise it, but I beg to differ.

Your emotional energy is like body odor. You can smell amazing and fruity and wonderful, which makes me want to stand closer to you. Or you can smell like a funky gym bag that makes me want to get far away. The funk not only leaves a horrible after-smell that I can’t escape, but it can seem like maybe I actually smell that way after leaving your smelly vicinity... Picking up YOUR NASTY SMELL (ie ENERGY)! And vice versa - when you smell amazing, that smell can linger pleasantly even after I left your side.

Your emotions are like an energy in the same way a smell is. 

Lovely and pleasant, or rotten and funky. 

They are painted over all of your actions, words, intention and being… all the things. Even if you aren’t really aware of them, or think you're covering the funk up nicely. The real emotion will impact what and how you do what you do. Even if only it impacts your experience.

Emotions are the thread that is actually more available to our conscious mind than thinking, because they are just physical sensations. When we practice naming the emotions we feel in any given moment we get good at being aware of it. Emotions are just sensations.

Consider what the sensation of anger feels like in your body. It's harsh, rigid, hot and urgent. Feels pretty horrible. 

Consider what love feels like. It's warm, cozy and blissful... light and open. 

This awareness matters because emotions connect our thinking and acting. You can witness yourself being angry and then make choices on how to act when you are aware and intentional. Awareness calls you to a higher way of being and mind management. Lack of awareness leaves you to respond more impulsively. 

The energy around HOW you show up to take any action is often palpable to people around you. But it's always apart of you experience of taking the action either way.

Coaching is such a valuable tool for learning how to reflect on how you think, feel, and act in a safe judgement free place. We get tied up in habitual patterns that we have trouble seeing on our own. So coaching is invaluable for uncovering where your thinking may be causing your feelings of being stuck or in a rut.

Spots are available in my 8 week coaching program for helping creatives find momentum and confidence. If you are interested in chatting about how this program could help your "emotional smell", then sign up for a 45 minute discovery call. We'll go through a cool before and after process and see if we are a good fit for working together. I can't wait to meet you!


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