commitment goal setting Apr 24, 2020

If you’re committed to “figuring it out” then there is no need for panic. You’re going to figure it out: because you’re committed. Being in the mindset of “I’ll never figure this out”, is not helpful towards achieving the thing.

Trust me on this.‚úč

It’s Antihelpful. Keeps you from stepping back and trying things. It pushes you closer to giving up than running though the finish line.

If you’re committed to your spouse, you expect to live the rest of your life together.

You work to make  your union happy, but you know it isn’t always happy.  Or easy. But you’re committed.

You aren’t handing your number out to single dudes for a hookup, because you are committed to husband.

If you’re committed to your goal, you’re not going to just decide that “this isn’t working because I can’t figure out my sales funnel.” Screw this.


You just work and try things until you figure it out.

If you know you’re going to achieve it, no matter what, then you know you’ll be learning new things along the way.

The drama is an optional speed bump.

If you’re committed to losing 20 pounds, then gaining 2 on the scale doesn’t keep you from getting there. No, it becomes part of the journey to being 20 pounds lighter.

Ask yourself, “what can I do to figure this out?”. See how different that question feels from “Why can’t I figure this out?!”?

Once you’re the future you who has achieved the goal, you’ll know how to do the funnels, or how to be a person who thinks about eating food for fuel. The struggle is part of the journey. Also a big part of why you'll feel so proud of yourself at the other end. It’s why you need to be committed.

If it was easy, we’d all do all the things. Give yourself a break. Adjust the timeline if you need to, but don’t give up on the goal. This isn’t the end of the road, it’s just part of the journey.

If you need some help with staying committed to your goals or creative habits, or if you don’t even set goals because you know you won't stay committed, then I’d love to help. I am taking 1:1 clients and would love to offer you a complimentary mini-session that walks you through a cool before and after process. Hit me up at


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