My college apartment AHA!

This is me circa 2003.

Fall that year was my final semester of college. I was struggling to recover from a long bout of mono that still haunts me.

I was working about 30 hours in the paint department of a local hardware store. Taking 16 hours of senior level classes. Except for a 1-hour golf class. I rarely afforded myself the pleasure of actually showing up to that one.

I held an executive level position within my sorority. I’d felt so driven to make a difference when I ran for the spot. But once in it, I struggled to stay on top of it's basic demands. Much less make a positive impact. Another thing that still haunts me.
One day around this time, I overslept for work. Instead of jumping out of bed and rushing in for my shift, I pulled the sheets back over my head and went back to sleep.
It was 1:01 PM.
When I woke back up at 7:00 that evening, the gravity of my behavior struck me.
I’d never felt that kind of apathy.
I did not miss work. A class or two. Yes. Not work.

After that startling wake up call I changed some things. I started to see a student counselor. An “AHA!” moment that sprang out of those visits is why I write about this old event today.
It came when I heard myself say, “on top of all that’s going on, my bedroom looks awful... it’s like a reflection of the mess going on in my life.”
It had piles of laundry - clean and dirty. An unmade bed. Dusty surfaces. Dirty coffee cups. Half eaten chip bags sealed with paperclips. Overdue library books with color-coded sticky tab systems I couldn’t keep up with.
A disaster zone.
It cried out for the very activities that would have helped me recuperate. Including wiping away traces of the hard days that had past. Resting. And looking ahead to what was next.
Your environments matter. Your home tells a story about the life unfolding inside.
How does your story read right now?
  • Do you have piles of clutter on your surfaces and to-do list costing you money, time and dreams?
  • Are empty or frumpy spaces intimidating you and plaguing your rooms?
  • Are you the cleaning lady sweeping piles of dust and resentment under the rugs of your own home?
  • Are you the hoarder of chores, roles, and stuff you don’t even want?
If your home doesn’t look, feel or function with absolute delight, then do something about it. Cleaning things up is a great start. Changing home could change everything.

I’m currently taking consult calls. In them I help ladies nail down what is really going on in their house so they can decide where to start "cleaning up". Grab a spot on my calendar HERE. Let's get you on your way to making home a delightful place to be.


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