You are capable and worthy.

This morning I caught myself thinking the thought “I’ll be capable when I figure out all the right actions I need to take.”

Of course, thinking this made me feel INCAPABLE of taking right action or achieving my goal or desired result. If I’m not capable until I have the proper actions or result, then it’s going to be hard to get the actions or result right!

And, stay with me, because while the “right” actions may lead to me to getting the desired result, that result will NEVER cause me to feel capable or worthy. I’ll always be chasing feeling capable and worthy if I'm looking to find it somewhere outside of me.

Thoughts cause our feelings, not the circumstances of the world or the achievement of a goal.

If you wonder why great achievements and your great blessed circumstances haven’t “made you happy” with life, it’s because they can’t do that. You have to feel happy about them on purpose.
You have to feel happy now before achieving your goal. Lean how to feel this way now, while you go after achieving the things you want. You are the fuel you need. When shit is hard and doesn't always look or feel good... having your back, showing up, and generating belief and capability are your best assets.

And generating those emotions are always your job to do for yourself.

With your thinking.

You’re responsible.

Finishing the project, loosing the weight, having the money, freeing up some time… WILL NOT make you feel happy, successful, capable or worthy.

Your thinking will.

You don’t change feelings by taking a bunch of action or changing the circumstances of your life.

You change your thinking in order to feel capable. To feel worthy. To feel successful.

Feeling that way will actually drive you to take actions that are driven from successful, capable, worthy thoughts. That attitude will increase your chances of achievement, but I doesn’t need to be the reason you are striving.

The self confident person says “I can do this because I am capable and worthy. I haven’t seen myself do it in reality, but I know I can. And I know I will”

And they don’t stop taking actions to achieve the thing.

They feel capable and worthy ahead of time and on purpose (even when the lizard brain makes it hard to think confidently, they train themselves to go back to confidence)

And They don’t stop taking action towards their desired result. They trust themselves that they won’t stop, that they will continue to show up and figure it out.

You are capable. You are worthy. You can build trust with yourself and commit to the desires of your life.

Your presence on this planet today means you are automatically qualified to do and have anything you want.

You just can’t stop before you get it.

The way you think about yourself, talk to yourself and treat yourself will determine your experience on this planet, being yourself.

If you’re too hard on yourself, too easy on yourself, or full of doubt, understand that no amount of action, achieving or change in your circumstances will lead you to the acceptance, connection and approval you crave. Only you can do that for you.

But I know that I can help you get there. My program is designed to help you build self confidence and self connection and I’ve got you even when you feel like you don't have you. To see if we are a good fit, book a complimentary discovery call with me today or DM me to chat about how I can help.

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