Blow Your Own Damn Mind!

I’m thinking about goals this morning. Doing one of my own client worksheets (it's very pretty, of course).

I'm answering my own question “Why do you want to achieve this goal?”

I need this question right now as things are new and hard as hell. I’m standing at the bottom of the preverbal "mountain" thinking sometimes "OMG. I am so bad at this... so uncomfortable... I'm so not going to make any money.... that is not going to work... this is going to fall apart. Just let me eat pie for the love.”

You know, so the why question is good for me right now. Because I alone without something bigger would literally just eat and be an asshole to live with (oh wait that might be me now?)

So my answer that rolls off my pen tip isn’t because I want a bunch of money or trips or attention or pies. It’s this:

“I have an ASS LOAD of value to offer the world.

I KNOW that my clients are out there with brilliant ideas, amazing skills and talents. But they let doubt, confusion, fear, anxiety, perfection… all the BS slow them down. Get in their way.

They jack around with their ability to shine their precious light. I’m 100% committed to helping them, so I will vow to show up daily to put myself out there for them to find me.

They are looking for me. They are looking in google searches about time management and how to bill and how to get more clients and in inspo sites and other places for creativity and how to’s.

I’m not the all knowing freelance graphic designer chosen one with all the answers to that shit.

I’m the very whispery, hard to hear voice in their head that says ‘you already have what you need inside of you.’”

{At least I think that’s what it says -ish. I can hardly read it.}

We all have this infinite amount of potential, but why are we not all swimming in the cheddar?!

BRAINS. We know what to eat to lose weight, so why are we not all skinny? Why are we not crushing goals and all making millions?

Because we have these amazing but messy minds that sidetrack us. We have nagging doubt and fears that keep us leashed to comfort zones.

I would rather go crawl under a pantry shelf and eat cookies than get in here and post stuff to y’all, or pay money for an ad or stay up until 11:00 jacking with my site…

But when I doubt myself and my worth, I have to remember, for me it’s like I’m doubting all the humans. I truly believe we’re all worthy of making all the cheddar and having the sky pie, simply because we were made by a divine and flawless being who has big dreams for each of us. It’s not suppose to be “easy” or without tears and fear.

But rather repeatedly this knowing that we’re children of God - perfectly messy. In a brief journey on the planet breaking things, making messes, trying to love or tolerate ourselves and each other. Shit is hard.

So to all my girls out there on the struggle bus… under earning, selling themselves sort, stressing the F out over their ability to produce good work. Create value. Love and tolerate their clients & themselves. Believe they are worthy of the cheddar. The love. The success.

I got you.

So yeah. I have big money goals, because I want to provide an ass load of value in this world. Look out y'all.

I’m about to blow my own mind…. while helping my people blow theirs.


Happy. Freaking. Wednesday. (it is Wednesday right?!)


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