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Be where you are

It’s 9:15 AM… as usual my day started at 5:00. So far I’ve written and trashed a blog post, gotten myself showered and dressed. Spent 20 minutes looking for a replacement mop head online and collectively more time than I care to admit going without a mop because of said difficulty.

But despite a victorious end to the long-running mop head saga, I found myself disappointed with the results thus far in my day.

We do that don’t we? Right out of the gate… toothbrush is barely down and we’re off to action the hell out of our moments. Only to and turn around bewildered at the lack it all produced. Bewildered at a fruitless struggle. A struggle for catching the thoughts and conjuring the words. A struggle for conceptualizing the idea out of our heads.

Only to trash it anyway.

Feeling DONE already. Lacey and I hit the woods outside the house for a brief stroll. It’s my favorite place to catch up with myself. And I do.

I realize this morning, without an audio book or podcast to sidetrack me, the woods are my favorite place to actually be where I am.

To let my mind swirl outside of itself, which without fail does wonders for the inside of it.

Out here there is no hustle. No forcing against yourself. Just life. Rooted in each second. Alive. Foggy and gray, but nonetheless so beautiful.

No blogs or mop heads out here.

Just me being where I am.

Don’t we all really just need to actually be in the place, the moment, the second we are actually in? Not stressing about what’s ahead. Not trying to change what’s behind us.

It’s here I realize that it’s not necessary to turn life and my precious time living it, into full blown wrestling match.

These moments are life. It’s unfolding whether or not I pay attention to it. And I don’t have to make it so hard.

It doesn’t need to be any fancier.

It doesn’t even need to be sunny.

It’s perfect just like it is.

When I can be where I am. I experience life unfolding second by second.

So hang on… you gotta see this. Don’t miss it…. you see it? Feel it? It’s right here…and it’s always an option. Always a stunning miracle to behold.


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