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Autopilot Misfires

feelings Apr 13, 2020

I realized only after a chat with fellow coaching friends that I’m in autopilot mode hardcore right now.
I didn’t recognize it until heard my friend talk about walking around her living room for 10 minutes looking for a basket. Her husband kindly pointed out it was right in front of her after being in the room for mere moments. For some reason me putting my carafe of hot coffee away on a miscellaneous pantry shelf last week wasn’t enough to make me aware of it’s hold on me too. Autopilot is weird like that.

It’s actually more like misfiring autopilot. Which I suppose is the only reason we really catch it, right, because we’re doing the automatic motion but with the wrong context. The misfire.

If regular autopilot is driving somewhere and not really remembering the trip. Misfiring autopilot is mindlessly driving to the gym when you were suppose to be going to the grocery.

I mean… that is, if any of us were driving anywhere like the gym these days.

On average we have about 35,000 decisions to make a day. Autopilot is suppose to help alleviate over-fatiguing our brains. When it takes over our day-to-day lives, we find ourselves in often stuck a rut.

When it is taking over AND misfiring, we may find ourselves in a numbing the hell out problem.

I’m suppose to have “more time” with everything going on, but normal tasks are taking longer. Focusing feels more difficult. There is a frustrating barrier between productivity and I. And seemingly no reason I’m not kicking extra ass at doing all the things.

And then, not unlike the moment you remember what you walked into a room for, I realize: there is a crisis going on.

I'm stuck in my house and not necessarily drowning in news. But there is a lot for our minds to process and potentially freak out over on a normal day, when we’re busying ourselves with multiple meetings, errands and nights out.

But now this.

The last time I found myself in a similar autopilot misfiring trap, it was when I had lost my dad.

There is a lot for our minds to process right now. A lot of emotion. A lot of change. A lot of uncertainty. If you’re already not use to processing your emotions, or were on “autopilot” before the pandemic, you might find yourself numbing out more, having trouble focusing, not feeling rejuvenated from relaxation time you do take.

And you might also find your car keys in the freezer. I mean I'm saying since you may need those at some point.

Recognize this misfiring autopilot is not only a need to rest your busy mind, but pay some attention to it. And get in touch with your feelings, maybe acknowledge the fear you've been eating or zoning out ignoring. Be a little more gentle with yourself. Take a second to appreciate the moment you are in. The health that you have. The people you love. And you. Appreciate your miraculous mind, the blood pumping though your veins, your uncut, perhaps 2-3 toned hair… love it all. Pushing yourself around, denying your feelings and thinking you should be anything other than what you are right now is no way to treat someone, especially you.

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