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There are no broken parts to "fix" on you

abundance self confidence Sep 15, 2020

Guess what?

There is nothing "wrong" with you.

You don't need to be "fixed". You're not broken, you are actually fabulous!

"Self improvement" chatter can be really heavy on the "fix it" and light on the "chill the eff out about it."

Perfection in life isn't the goal.

Perfection isn't actually a real thing. It's a made up thing from the fearful part of your brain.

Acceptance. Peace. Understanding. Connection. That's the real goal.

Improvement, growth and evolution don't mean you have to fight against yourself... against your own humanity!

The way you treat yourself is reflected in the thoughts you think about yourself.

If you want to increase your self confidence, change the way you think about yourself. Your whole identity is build on beliefs about yourself. And you know what? You can always change your beliefs!

Consider the possibility of what you can create in the future. When you gain certainty in a possibility, the more confidence you have while moving toward it.

When I stopped trying to "fix" myself and instead changed how I think about me with acceptance and possibility, I started to let go of the self-loathing battle.

We are, after all, humans... not machines. We are not meant to be perfectly tailored, tidy and flawless. That isn't evcen a worthy ideal. You'd miss the beauty of life striving for that. 

Balance thinking thoughts about yourself that serve you, and offering yourself acceptance when you feel broken and messy. 

I can help you get out of a battle against yourself and gain momentum from a beautiful and fiery place inside of you packed with possibility and fun.

I don't do goal setting or confidence building from a place of lack... I help you spot the scarcity thinking that you are operating from (probably since childhood) and see where it's crumbling your inner mojo. I help you weave in the deepest and most precious threads of abundance and possibility so that you can appreciate the treasure that you are.

Schedule a chat with me today to talk about shifting from "fixing" yourself to appreciating who you are and where you're going.


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