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Doing 1% is infinitely more than 0%

One of the best things I've ever done for my mindset around goals and even just being stuck, is to take the mindset of doing SOMETHING.
We get in trouble when we dive in to the deep end of a practice. For instance going from eating Micky D's every meal to preparing every meal at home and squeaky clean.
What if you just replaced one meal a week?
Read for 10 minutes a day.
Did 2 minutes of meditation a day.
Five minutes in your journal.
What if you just did something? Not EVERYTHING... something.
The end of the month you'd have read a ton, written a ton, be a ton more zen, and you'd have had at least 4 more really healthy meals. When you think you can commit to do more, and you've been successful for a month at that level, then up it.
Compound interest, doing one thing consistently over time will add up to a lot more than one day of 0-60.
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