Hey there! I'm Holly

Your brain can be your bestie or your nemesis. If you are ready to get the hell out of your own way and start blowing your own mind in life and business, then I'm your girl! Let's do this! 

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Hey there! I'm Holly!

Your brain can be your bestie or your nemesis. If you are ready to get the hell out of your own way and start blowing your own mind in life and business, then I'm your girl! Let's do this! 

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Ever driven yourself crazy? Yeah. Me too. 

My name is Holly. I have worked as a graphic designer for 10 years. And a freelancer for half of it. Nothing has revealed the chaos of my thinking than running a business...If you call it that. I could barely even get to the point that thought of it as a business separate from me. With a product. Getting paid to solve a problem for a client, to bring unique value to the people and then ask for and receive money.

My brain got in the way. It was always me, selling me. The effed up human. I thought I was the business. I would spin out in confusion about billing, time, communication, creative abilities, new work.... old work. Being marketing savvy enough... being business savvy enough. Worthy enough.

WTF. Enough.

All the noise. All the stories. All the things. I stayed "stuck". I stayed playing "small". Settling. Hiding. Blaming. Irritated. Resentful...ugh.

I felt like a screw driver for my clients and feel out of love with the create-on-demand life.  

The thing is, I was creating that reality for myself with my thinking.  After learning and applying tools of self coaching I learned how to quiet the loud, illogical and blamy "cavewoman" in my mind (I mean, she's not gone, but she's quieter!). I've been able to find where my mind was the biggest problem in my life - not the clients, the industry, billing, or my "lack of " creativity . It's always been me.

It seems bizarre that a freakin' creative professional could feel... well, UNCREATIVE

But the struggle is real when you're head is a mess over it. Not prioritizing it, yet dumping on it, feeling jealous of it, and also all righteous but also shitty and unworthy about it... It's hard to believe my mind could make something so innate, beautiful, expressive and open a place of pain, resentment and lack.  

When I realized my mind was the cause of all my problems, I realized it was also the solution. 

Being stuck means your human, not broken, too far gone or "uncreative". The muse is absolutely still there waiting to do the dance and you have everything you need to start dancing...like now...


How I help...

I want to bring this kind awareness of power and abundance to the creative ladies! The world needs your ideas, creativity and amazing brain to do amazing things! I see you girls out there working your asses off... doing your part to rid the world of comic sans and distorted or "clip art" logos, concocting the catchiest headlines, adding the perfect metaphors, and catching the perfect shots. I know who you are...  

You don't need someone to tell you what actions to take, what "motions to go through" to increase creativity, confidence and joy.

You need someone to help you with your thinking. If the HOW was the meal ticket to do all the things, then we'd all have dream businesses, buff bodies, all the dollars, friends and things we could ever want. (Hello... Google knows everything!)

Besides... Only you know what to do, for you... I don't help with that. I help you get the eff out of your way mentally and do the damn things (without white knuckles or being an asshole to yourself). 

If your thinking isn't the right place, no set of actions will make a damn bit of difference. Coaching with me is much deeper than getting a bunch of advice. I combine science-based cognitive psychology, my artsy fartsy noggin and experience, some badass coaching tools (of which I nabbed from the Ivy league of all coaching schools) and sprinkle in some spiritual "woo" (like a pinch... 'cause a little goes a long ass way).  Your thinking is the root source of change for your life. Its the lens from which you experience the world and thus your life. 

Your brain is more most valuable asset.

I'm the girl to help guide you to get un-effing-stuck and create a life of joy where creating is actually fun and light again.

The world needs your brilliance! Start doing life, business and creative work like the badass you are. 

Sans the noise.

It would be my honor to help you through this. 

Other "me stuff" at a glance... 

I'm married (since 2005) to my favorite dude, Ross.

We live in Benton, Arkansas

No kiddos, but enjoy our 3 teenaged nephews (who get cooler every day). 

Lacey is our black lab who aggressively snuggles and makes me smile all day.


Post Baccalaureate in Fine Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design, (could have stayed forever and emphasized in all the things) University of Arkansas at Little Rock (2010)

Bachelors of Art in Medical Sociology and a Minor in Marketing from University of Central Arkansas (2003)

Certified Branding Expert from The Brand Academy (2016)

Certified Life and Weight Coach from The Life Coach School (2019)

HERE is a link my design portfolio (which constantly feels out of date!)




Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Silence the noise, drop the drama, find peace, joy and dolla bills y'all! Let's meet!

Coaching can be an amazing, highly impactful experience, but works best when the coach and the client are a good fit. This isn't a call to convince you that you need coaching or that I'm the perfect coach for you, but rather to connect, get to know each other and see if we're a good fit for working together! I can't wait to meet you!

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