Are you a smart & talented creative pro who feels like she has hit the effing wall?

Come on in, boo... You're in the right place. 

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Hey there! I'm Holly.

If you've found yourself here, maybe you're...

  • Feeling like creativity has lost its sparkle. You spend so much time supporting client's dreams, you don't leave much energy for creating your own.
  • Your creative juices have run dry. You feel more like a screw driver than a pixie dusting the world with color & sass.  Rather than feeling like you're seasoned pro improving in her craft, you feel like a fraud. 
  • Tired of "white knuckling" your way through every project. Before you know it you've spent more time avoiding or overcomplicating and fighting with projects than  being productive & creative.
  • You've lost connection with your work and yourself. You use to enjoy the process and challenge of work, but lately feel uninspired and mechanical. 
  • You've become disengaged, indifferent and maybe even a little apathetic, not just in work, but relationships, your health and other areas.


Whatever the thing is for you...

If you know deep down that there is a disconnect with the life and work you currently have and the life and work you know you are meant to be creating....

Then let's get to work!

Around here, I talk about... 

  • Feeling Powerful. Getting the results you want. Including feeling like a badass business woman on fire with passion and value to spread. (Suck it, doubt.)
  • Friending Your Self. Embracing your value, your creativity, ideas and your ability to do hard shit. Once. And. For. All.
  • Nuzzling Your Special Unicorn-ness. Uncovering your inner genius. Finding her. Holding her tight. Celebrating her. Shining bright. (And make a rhyme any time.)

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