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Hey there! I'm Holly.

If you've found yourself here, maybe you're...

  • Tired of "white knuckling" your way through every project. You know what I'm talking about: excited to get it then, boom. Doubt, dread or even resentment sets in and before you know it you've spent more time avoiding or overcomplicating it and "fighting with it" than you've spent being productive & creative with it.
  • Money yo-yo. Stressed when you're busy... stressed when you're slow. 
  • Devalued work. Maybe you think that the clients are drying up because they can create their own graphics or find a cheaper artist elsewhere.


Whatever the thing is for you...
If you know deep down that there is a disconnect with the life and work you currently have and the life and work you know you are meant to be creating....

Then let's get to work!

Around here, I talk about... 

  • Feeling Powerful. You getting the results you want. Including feeling like a badass business woman on fire with passion and value to spread. (Suck it, doubt.)
  • Actually being friends with yourself. Work on getting you to stop undermining your value, your creativity, your ability to do hard shit. Once. And. For. All.
  • Your Special Unicorn-ness. Uncover your inner genius. Find her. Hold her tight. Celebrate her. Shine bright. (And make a rhyme any time.)

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